KANSAS CITY, KS - A general view of Compass Minerals National Performance Center after practice ahead of the 2024 home opener against the Philadelphia Union at Compass Minerals National Performance Center on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024 (Parker Johnson/IONYOU Media)

Kansas City Emerges as Prime Contender for FIFA World Cup Base Camps with Three Premier Locations

KANSAS CITY – Wednesday FIFA announced the World Cup base camp candidate sites and the list included three Kansas City metro locations. They included the following:

  • Kansas City Current Training Complex
  • Sporting Kansas City Training Centre – Compass Minerals National Performance Center
  • University of Kansas

The only other metropolitan area that had more locations selected than Kansas City was Dallas with four. This announcement, and the amount of locations announced, shows the advancements that KC has made in the North American soccer landscape. The state-of-art facilities that Kansas City possesses as well as the central location will likely make it an attractive spot for countries competing. The United States Men’s U23 Olympic Team just wrapped up their time in KC and had glowing things to say about the quality of the facilities.

In the next eighteen months, FIFA will continue to add potential base camps. Countries competing in the 2026 World Cup have until fall of 2025 to select their desired base camp location. The location of the group stage matches will influence the decisions.

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