What’s Next For The Royals?

KANSAS CITY – The Kansas City Royals currently play at Kauffman Stadium, right across the street from GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. With the Truman Sports Complex lease expiring at the end of January 2031, giving less and less time for the Chiefs and Royals to make a decision. A 3/8th tax increase was put on the Jackson County ballot for this past April 2nd election but ultimately did not pass with 58% voting “No”. 

Where will the Royals play for the 2031 season? 

Staying at the Truman Sports Complex

The Royals neighbor, World Champion Kansas City Chiefs have already released plans for the upcoming renovation, hopefully in time for the 2026 World Cup, including new end zone suites, seating options, entries and more. The renderings appear to not include Kauffman Stadium in the Sports Complex which is interesting. Staying in the Complex is not the best option for the Royals but it is on the list.

Go downtown

Royals proposed a downtown stadium to be funded by taxpayers in Jackson County but did not get the 3/8th tax extension that was proposed and put on the ballot for the April 2nd election.


Previously, the Royals proposed multiple stadium sites, one in the East Village and another one in North KC but those got ruled out by the stadium above that would take out the now empty KC Star printing facility and other businesses, across the street for the T-Mobile Center.

West Bottoms?

Strange location and not super practical but could still work. Logistically, this stadium would be challenging being between 2 states and in a tight area. With an over $500 million dollar renovation project coming up in the Bottoms, it makes some sense but with the space and overall area, its not practical.


The Kansas side of the city is already hosting two KC teams, the Monarchs and Sporting Kansas City of the MLS. A growing area with a new Mattel theme park coming in 2026, it seems like a great area to put the new stadium but, with all the locations, there is a conflict, with a ballpark already over in that area and it just is not practical enough for a Major League Baseball team to relocate to Wyandotte County.

What’s the move?

The downtown stadium seems to be the best and is still possible but just needs private funding of $2 Billion and approval from the city and surrounding businesses.

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