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KANSAS CITY – The Portland Timbers traveled to Kansas City on Sunday, and they were able to make it worth their time forcing a 3-3 draw. The Timbers stormed back to erase a three-goal deficit when Eric Miller grabbed a goal in the 81st minute, knotting the teams at a three-point tie and ultimately ending in a draw. 

Miller’s point-saving goal for Portland was the first of his 11-year career, and it couldn’t have come at a more fortunate time. Portland, who was coming off a three-game losing streak, rallied in the second half to add a point to their season total.

The match was truly a tale of two halves as Sporting led 3-0 at halftime. William Agada was able to knock in the first SKC goal with his left foot from outside the box for the first of what would be a two-goal performance in the 13th minute. His first would be followed by Dany Rosero’s goal in the 38th off a beautiful corner set-piece assist from Memo Rodriguez. 

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1st Half stoppage time allowed for Agada to smoke his second goal of the night in, this time with the right foot from close range. The assist came from Robert Voloder who used his head to create the opportunity for Agada. 

Momentum changed in the 61st minute when William Agada was given a chance for a hat trick night when he was awarded a penalty kick. Agada right-footed the shot to the left side, but wasn’t able to convert.

Parker Johnson/IONYOU Media

Portland took the momentum and rolled with it. The Timber’s first goal came when Evander took advantage of a penalty, nailing a shot to the bottom right corner. 

Parker Johnson/IONYOU Media

Portland worked at a lightning-fast speed to scare the Kansas City fans, scoring just two minutes later in the 66th when Felipe Mora shifted the deficit to one with another shot in the same location as the one preceding it. Tim Melia finished with 5 saves, but his effort was not enough. 

The frustration for SKC reached its peak when Miller finished the second-half comeback with his goal in the 81st minute. When William Agada was asked the emotion he was feeling after his two-goal performance, he simply answered, “embarrassed”. 

The collapse by Sporting stings with even larger circumstances than just the game on the line. Kansas City missed out on the opportunity to move into a second-place tie with the Los Angeles Galaxy in the Western Conference Standings. 

Portland (2-2-3) will head home with the moral victory of snapping their three-game losing streak, and attempt an official win against LAFC on Saturday, April 13th at 5:45 local time. Sporting (2-4-1) now sets their eyes on Arrowhead for the highly anticipated matchup with Lionel Messi and Inter Miami.

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