KANSAS CITY, KS - Sporting Kansas City mascot 'Blue' holding up a "W" after winning 3-0 over the San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday, Aug 26, 2023 (Parker Johnson/IONYOU Image)

Sporting Kansas City Faces FC Dallas in MLS Showdown Ahead of US Open Cup Clash

KANSAS CITY – Sporting Kansas City takes on FC Dallas in MLS league play on Sunday, July 7th at Children’s Mercy Park. This game is going to be very interesting to see how each team takes on the match as they face off again in the US Open Cup Quarterfinal on Wednesday night.

Most likely, SKC will probably focus on the midweek match and sit many players in order to rest as they just played a game away in Colorado and this will be their second game of a three-match streak. With how SKC sits at the table, fans can hope they want to take the Open Cup match very seriously and thus take this game a bit lighter. 

FC Dallas on the other hand is in a very different spot. They sit in eleventh place which is only five points away from a wildcard spot for the playoffs. FC Dallas is coming off a midweek game played on Thursday as well. They beat the Portland Timbers at home 3-2. 

Dallas will most likely be without their star, Jesús Ferreira as he is struggling with an upper leg injury and missed on Thursday night’s match. Dallas had five other players also miss Thursday’s match. Those players include Alan Velasco, Patrickson Delgado, and others. 

This game is extremely hard to predict as Kansas City cannot afford to lose another match this season to keep their playoff hopes alive. Thankfully, many SKC players are starting to come back from injury. Salloi made his return to the roster Thursday and Walter, Castellanos, and Logan Ndembe have been back to training as of recent. This allows more depth for the team to get creative. 

Kansas City tends to do better at home as three of their four wins occurred at CMP. Their previous game against Dallas was at home last season which resulted in a win for SKC. 

Dallas and KC always have good matches as each team is about .500 against each other over the years. Both teams are inaugural clubs for Major League Soccer. Each team also has ties of sorts to Lamar Hunt and the Hunt family. FC Dallas is currently owned by the Hunts and SKC was previously owned by them. Not to mention, the Hunt family is very involved in Kansas City with the ownership of the Chiefs as well. 

Expect a very intense match and a fun preview of what is to come on Wednesday’s Open Cup game. This game kicks off at 7:30 PM in Kansas City, streaming on Apple TV.

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