The Players to Look Out For in The NEW EA College Football Game 

The official release date for EA Sports College Football 25 is now a month away. The game will establish itself nearly 11 years after NCAA 14, the last college football game to be released. After a decade of litigation and conversations, the game is finally back. 

Kansas Football is ascending on the field and the result is that they are ascending as a talented team in the game as well. EA has not released their rankings yet for individual players, but Kansas is sure to have some talent spread across the gridiron. Here is a look at a possible top five:

The Wide Receivers

Receivers Quentin Skinner, Lawrence Arnold, and Luke Grimm all possess different skill sets on the field, but their overall talent grade could be very equal. Kansas is returning three solid receivers that could boast 80+ ratings across the board, something you may see in a select few programs. It is exciting on the field, but it is also exciting for KU fans who are looking for someone to catch Jalon Daniel’s passes. 

Arnold, Grimm, Skinner (Parker Johnson/IONYOU Media)

Defensive End Jereme Robinson

This season is the perfect one for Robinson to break out. He has established a mantra of consistency over his years, and could easily come in as the highest rated player in the front seven. His role is to fill the hole left from recent draftee Austin Booker. 

Parker Johnson/IONYOU Media

Cornerback Cobee Bryant

Bryant is one of the stars of this revived football program and is an anchor in the defensive back room. His athletic ability combined with his strong ‘hit-stick’ tackles will make him one of the most fun players to use on the defensive side in the whole game. Even after back-to-back First-Team All-BIG12 selections, he might slip lower than some fans expect. Bryant had an excellent year, but sometimes defensive players get robbed. We’ll see what he can do before he heads off to the big leagues. 

Parker Johnson/IONYOU Media

Quarterback Jalon Daniels

Regardless if you are a KU fan or not, Jalon Daniels will be one of the most entertaining and rewarding players to utilize. When he has been healthy, he has been dominant. Six games into the 2022 campaign Daniels looked like a Heisman Trophy contender, until an injury in the October 8th match against TCU stole that thunder, and also provided KU with their first loss. Daniels will be a highly-used player due to his ability to use his legs. Combined with his strong arm, he could make some serious splashes in the college football world if he can stay healthy. He might even bring some trophies back to Lawrence, and maybe not just virtual ones. 

Parker Johnson/IONYOU Media

Running Back Devin Neal

Neal is by far the best running back in the BIG12 and has been ascending to that level for the past two years. He is the only returning 1000 yard rusher and looks to achieve that milestone again. In reality, Neal has an argument to be the best running back in the country (and the game). His speed and athleticism will make him a deadly option in the Kansas offense. While the football world has shifted to a pass-first offensive mindset, Neal might force some gamers to think old-school and ‘pound the rock’.

Parker Johnson/IONYOU Media

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