Legends Field


Previewing the AA Home Run Challenge

In Kansas City, the Monarchs host the American Association’s All-Star Week. The Home Run Challenge features ten top hitters, with Ryan Hernandez favored. The competition has three timed rounds, with tiebreakers involving additional 1-minute rounds or swing-offs.


American Association All Star Game Roster Announced 

On a Tuesday afternoon, the American Association unveiled the 2024 All-Star Game Rosters set for July 23rd. Hosted by the Kansas City Monarchs at Legends Field, festivities promise excitement. Kansas City boasts four All-Stars including Frankie Tostado and pitchers Nate Tellier and Julian Garcia. Fans can vote for the final

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Defense Wins On And Off The Field in 24′ Charity Game

The Kansas City Chiefs hosted their annual Charity Softball Game at Legends Field, co-hosted by Trey Smith and Justin Reid. The event saw offense vs. defense teams and raised over $200,000 for charity. Chiefs rookie Louis Rees-Zammit impressed the crowd, and the defense won, showcasing their talent.

Kansas City Monarchs

Ashton Goudeau Signed By El Águila de Veracruz

The Kansas City Monarchs transferred right-handed pitcher Ashton Goudeau to El Águila de Veracruz. Goudeau, who played in two games this season, had a 1.65 ERA and pitched five scoreless innings in the home opener. He will now join eight former MLB players in Veracruz, Mexico.

Kansas City Monarchs

Kansas City Monarchs Secure Home Opening Series Win Over Winnipeg Goldeyes

The Kansas City Monarchs triumphed over the Winnipeg Goldeyes in their home opening series, securing a 3-1 victory in the series. Ashton Goudeau shined on the mound during the first game, contributing to a Monarchs’ 6-1 win, despite a later loss in the second game (4-6). Rallying back, the Monarchs

Kansas City Monarchs

Dalton Monts Heads to Chicago

Kansas City Monarchs’ pitcher Dolton Monts has signed with the Chicago Cubs and will join the double-A affiliate Tennessee Smokies. Monts expressed gratitude to the Monarchs for his development. Manager Joe Calfapietra sees potential for Monts to excel with the Cubs. The Monarchs will play Winnipeg for their home opener