New Royals Stadium Renderings Unveiled for West Bottoms District by MANICA, Design Promises Out-of-State Home Runs

KANSAS CITY – An out-of-state home run? A new Royals stadium rendering by MANICA shows a Kansas ballpark in the West Bottoms district of the city where it’s designed for home runs to end up in a different state. 


David Manica, president and owner of the Kansas City architecture firm, the same architect who released the new Kansas City Chiefs stadium renderings on the Kansas side a month ago, has now created a new stadium for the Royals. This comes after the Kansas legislature passed a bill for over $1 billion in STAR Bonds for one or or two new stadiums for the teams after a 3/8 tax increase was denied by Missouri taxpayers in April.


I had previously mentioned in a past article about an option for the Royals to be in the West Bottoms. “Strange location and not super practical but could still work. Logistically, this stadium would be challenging being between 2 states and in a tight area. With an over $500 million dollar renovation project coming up in the Bottoms, it makes some sense but with the space and overall area, its not practical.”

The Royals are not involved in any way.

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